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Make this the Best Year of Your Life

Embody the ancient methods that have enhanced the wellbeing, joy and happiness of more than 100 million people around the world...

Through this online community membership program that combines two awesome dimensions:

• Our very best and most comprehensive 24/7 access self-study training program

• A 4-week cycle of Saturday zoom livestreams that integrate Qigong wisdom teachings, practice, coaching, and study groups 

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Access comprehensive 100-Level lessons online 24/7 progressively over the next 12 months. Then continue with more advanced levels in years 2-5.  Click the gold buttons below for Practice details.

12 MONTHS of New Vision:
Qigong For Life Mastery

24/7 Self-Study Trainings Plus
Livestream Sessions Every Saturday Via Zoom

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A weekly Livestream in a 4-week cycle every Saturday. Appropriate for all levels — beginners to advanced. Click the turquoise buttons below for more information about Livestream Sessions.

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Life's most challenging times can also be the most important opportunities to re-create yourself and your life with new energy, wisdom, love, and joy. 

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"The depth of Master Mingtong’s teaching is unparalleled. I have studied and practiced many different modalities over the years (now age 71) and these classes have brought me to a profound new level of understanding." -Julia M.
“My heart has opened again for the first time since my beloved husband passed. My excruciating back and leg pain disappeared in one session and kept on improving. Healing sounds released my sadness and set me free again back to myself.” -Glenys K.
Join Now For The Best Savings
Total Annual Value $4220 plus FREE bonuses of $1330 = $5550
Special Pricing Now: $1170 per year or $117 per month

Do you ...

  • Continue to experience health challenges, fatigue or stress, in spite of trying all kinds of therapies and treatments — including allopathic and integrative medicine, diets, supplements, and exercise?

  • Long for deep and fulfilling relationships with your partner, family, friends, and others?

  • Desire to like to attract new relationships and new connections, even during this time of isolation?

  • Feel on-going emotional and mental stress because of challenges with money, relationships, health, work, or the events of the world?

  • Feel loss of connection, purpose, and meaning in this stage of your life?

  • Simply feel hopeless and depressed because the happiness you've longed for continues to elude you?

  • Yearn to heal past trauma, emotional wounds, and release old limiting patterns?

  • Feel a deeper and more urgent call for spiritual awakening during these modern times of personal and collective crises?

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Wherever you feel stress, challenge, or limitation, is the same place where the seeds of new inspiration and new possibilities live.

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Imagine ...

▸ Waking up everyday with new energy in your body, mind, and heart — with the resources to by guided by a Qigong Master and fully supported by a vibrant community — to activate and embody the source energy of life

▸ Effortlessly attracting more love— from your partner, your family,  your friends and other relationships — when you open and connect with the pure energy of your big heart. The more you open the energy of your heart, the more you experience and attract love

▸ Putting fear and anxiety in a back seat as you open to connection with Oneness and activate the creative power of the Universe within

▸ Replacing problems like debt and struggle with all of Life's inner and outer resources that are just waiting for you to ignite and embody.

▸ Releasing and replacing the negative and limiting scripts that have kept you imprisoned for so many years, with new creativity and new powers of manifestation that bring abundance to all areas of your life.

▸ Becoming a role model for light, love, and joy in your family, your relationships, your workplace, and the world — as you live deeply and fully, aligned with the energies of your body, mind, heart, and spirit.


All this and more is possible for you when you live in connection, alignment, and the flow of Wholeness.


 Your blueprint of health, happiness, and fulfillment is activated when you awaken to this new energy, your essence, and your own inner-mastery.

Master Mingtong Gu
Qigong Master of the Year
13th World Congress on Qigong and
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Who Is
Master Mingtong Gu?

Master Mingtong Gu is one of the World's Leading Practitioners of Zhineng Wisdom Healing Qigong.

He brings his joyful spirit, uplifting teachings, and extensive mastery to his intention to train others to expand wisdom and energy.  He has mastered the unique ability to lead the collective energy field to accelerate personal and global healing.

Named The Qigong Master of the Year by the World Congress for Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Master Mingtong is a sought after speaker, healer, and teacher for retreats and workshops around the world.

As a Qigong Master, Teacher, and Healer based on his success working with people of all ages with many physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges, Master Mingtong founded the Wisdom Healing Qigong method to make Zhineng Qigong accessible to Western lifestyles and cultures and to benefit people around the world.  The Zhineng Qigong lineage stems from 5,000-year-old Chinese wisdom traditions we now know as Qigong.

Master Mingtong didn't discover Qigong while he was growing up in China. His childhood was very poor, unprivileged, and unstable due to multiple adoption placements and then returning to his birth family at age 8.  He suffered from scoliosis and asthma, leaving him in a body that was full of pain.

Through diligent study, and always being one of the best students in every grade, he left home to attend college at age 16.  From an early age he was driven to create his own success.

At age 22 he left the country of his birth for America and studied Mathematics for 4 years at UCSD and Harvard. However, living in a wealthy country and earning two Masters in mathematics didn't make him happy... and no amount of medical treatment could improve his scoliosis or asthma. He realized he was living a joyless life.

After he got in touch with a deep longing for happiness, almost overnight he let go of his career as a mathematician and followed his heart to study fine arts. He rediscovered himself, his passion, his freedom and his pathway to creative expression, while earning an MA in Photography and an MFA in Multi-media Art.  But  even while doing something he loved, there was an emptiness that he couldn't fill.  He was lost. 

Not long afterwards, an American friend introduced him to the practice of Qigong, and he knew right away that Wisdom Healing Qigong was the answer he had been looking for — that through practice he could discover the fulfillment of his heart's desires and the healing he didn't even know was possible.

Originally, he began practicing as part of his spiritual path...but what he didn’t expect was that it would help him completely resolve his medical conditions, after everything else failed.

When he felt chi for the first time, “I felt a sense of lightness, flexibility and inner-beingness which I had never experienced before... I felt energy flowing and connecting beyond the physical. I turned inwardly to my own body and felt a surge of energy pulsing through my arms and entire body. It was a blissful feeling beyond anything I experienced prior...”

That’s when he knew this was something important he needed to explore deeply.

Master Mingtong's dedication to Qigong led him to discover Grandmaster Dr. Pang Ming and the Medicine-less Qigong Center in China, where he  apprenticed intensively for several years. After the completion of his Masters-level training with Grandmaster Pang, Master Mingtong came back to the West, determined to dedicate his life to the teaching of Wisdom Healing Qigong, with his 100% dedication and commitment to the vision of healing and awakening of humanity.

"I didn't return to my old job as an art teacher in the US.  I had no home or bank account, nor any source to obtain paying Qigong students. Yet I was determined — and willing to do anything to dedicate to my new life purpose.  While I was in China, I had not only healed myself from the 'incurable diseases' of asthma and scoliosis, but more importantly I discovered my True Self and began to realize a new depth of joy and fulfillment through Wisdom Healing Qigong" he says.

Now, for more than twenty years, he has continued to trust his calling and do everything possible to share the amazing gift of Qigong he received, practiced, and mastered.

In order to realize his vision of long-term health and happiness benefits for all, he has subsequently developed a network of teachers and purchased & renovated a beautiful retreat center just outside Santa Fe, New Mexico — the only center in the West to be solely dedicated to healing and awakening through Qigong.

Through his commitment and vision, he and his extended organization have helped hundreds of thousands of people uncover their own joy and healing too, using Wisdom Healing Qigong.

Watch this video about how Master Mingtong Gu's story and life journey prepared him for his new vision of service dedicated to the healing and awakening of the world. 

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You are always choosing one way or another...

Without any doubt, your inspiration led you here
to discover and determine...

What new choice can you make,
right now, in this moment?

It really is possible to intentionally create
all the conditions for miracles to flow in your life.

We invite you to choose Master Mingtong's most comprehensive Wisdom Healing Qigong training, today:

New Vision: Qigong For Life Mastery

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2-Month Modules for
New Energy, New Vitality & Health

  • Return to your body to awaken vitality, recharge and renew your health and  accelerate your healing.
  • Upgrade your immune and five organ systems  for greater wellbeing
  • Learn and practice "Awaken Vitality Method"
  • Apply Wisdom Healing Qigong principles to healing of all diseases — including chronic conditions

2-Month Modules for
New Energy & Greater Happiness

  • Return to your body and open your heart to release emotional stress, heal trauma, and to transform fear and anxiety
  • Thrive in times of uncertainty and fulfill your relationships with love and joy
  • Learn and practice "Sound Healing for Five Organ Health and Emotional Transformation"
  • Apply Wisdom Healing Qigong principles to embody joy and love.

2-Month Modules for
New Energy & Deep Fulfillment

  • Cultivate and deepen your connections to and relationships with yourself, family, others, nature, and Source
  • Activate abundance and flow in your energy body and all dimension of life
  • Learn and practice  "Lift Chi Up and Pour Chi Down Method" (LCUPCD)
  • Apply Wisdom Healing Qigong principles to upgrade your operating system. 

2-Month Modules for
New Energy & Life Mastery

  • Cultivate and deepen your connection with inner wholeness and outer oneness
  • Re-discover purpose and meaning for your life during any stage of life
  • Deepen your practice of all Wisdom Healing Qigong foundational methods
  • Apply Wisdom Healing Qigong principles to increase mastery in all areas of your life 

2-Month Modules for
New Energy & Inner Awakening

  • Awaken your essence and mastery within beyond any personal story, history,  and/or limitations
  • Re-discover your nature and embody your timeless presence
  • Learn "Awakening through Pure Consciousness" through transmission and practice 
  • Apply Wisdom Healing Qigong principles to transcend and transform any perceived limitations

2-Month Modules for
New Energy & Embodied Integration

  • Experience and realize the union of Heaven and Earth within you
  • Realize your full potential in any stage of your life and during, no matter what's happening historically
  • Deepen all practices of foundational Qigong methods plus Pure Consciousness
  • Apply Wisdom Healing Qigong principles to integrate all dimensions of yourself and all aspects of your life
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"The more Energy flows, the more health, greater happiness and deeper fulfillment you'll find in your life. The time-tested life mastery technologies, and wisdom practices of Qigong, will inspire you, empower you, and enable you to realize your greatest potential for abundance and fulfillment in all aspects of your life." —Master Mingtong Gu

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Features of the New Vision: QFLM Membership

(Total Annual Value $4220 plus FREE bonuses of $1330 = $5550)

Special Pricing Now:  $1170 per year or $117 per month

Week 1 - Saturday: Livestream Teachings with Master Mingtong Gu (10:00-11:30am USA Denver Mountain Time)
Important topics will include:
• How to work with resistance to practicing
• How do I fit Qigong into my daily life?
• What is Chi Purification and am I experiencing it?
• How to transform your perspective when things seem impossible or hopeless
• What to do when you are experiencing different types of life challenges
• How does Qigong integrate with and affect my relationships? my work? my finances? my mental well-being?
• What truly is Qigong Life Mastery and the Qigong lifestyle paradigm?
• How to apply WHQ to your every aspect of life?
• Much More. - Replays are always available if you miss any livestream session 
Week 2 - Saturday: Livestream Practice With The Master 

Once every 4 weeks, Master Mingtong Gu will guide you through most important practice of Wisdom Healing Qigong. You will be empowered to connect with your body energy, universal source energy and experience the benefit of the chi field from collective, accumulative and global presence through his powerful transmission. - Replays are always available if you miss any livestream session  (10:00-11:30am USA Denver Mountain Time)

Week 3 - Saturday: Livestream Group Coaching With Certified Wisdom Healing Qigong Teacher-Coaches

The leaders from our Qigong Coaching Team will facilitate a conversation and coaching process based on featured topics or current issues. Each session one or two students will experience real-time coaching, being witnessed and held by the larger group. The process will empower everyone to go deeper in your own energy-body to discover insights, new connections, and new capacities for love, compassion, openness, and embodiment. - Replays are always available if you miss any livestream session (10:00-11:30am USA Denver Mountain Time) 
Week 4 - Saturday: Online Office Hours Plus Virtual Small Study & Practice Groups

Office Hour livestreams on zoom feature answers to student practice questions by a Certified Wisdom Healing Qigong Teacher.  - Replays are always available if you miss any session (10:00-11:30am USA Denver Mountain Time)

The power of small groups is priceless and immeasurable, especially over time and consistent connection. You will be invited to join a small group of 6-8 like-minded people once every four weeks through a Zoom breakout room to share, connect, and support each other.  Your group will be provided study questions and a powerful template that is used during Wisdom Healing Qigong Intensive Retreats. (These sessions are private and not recorded) 

In-Depth Self-Study Modules Covering All Four Aspects of Wisdom Healing Qigong Practice  - Accessible 24/7

In simple to follow modules, Master Mingtong addresses all the important topics, wisdom teachings, and applications  — for your health, happiness, relationships, abundance, creativity, purpose, awakening, and life mastery. These trainings are the most in-depth and rich teachings personally selected by Master Mingtong Gu. Trainings include: Awaken Vitality Method, Sound Healing Technologies, Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down, and Pure Consciousness Practices.
Practice Guidance Portals To Support Learning Qigong Movement, Sound, And Meditation - Accessible 24/7  

Every two months, you will be provided new options for guided practices including movement, sound healing, meditation, Pure Consciousness and healing sessions.

There are suggestions how to organize your daily practice with options from 30 minutes to 2 hours each day. The practice suggestions are organized for your progressive learning and align with other self-study lessons in each module.

Inspirational Messages From Master Mingtong Gu

Through a collection of wisdom and inspiration you will connect with the essence of Wisdom Healing Qigong teaching as well as spontaneous inspirations directly from Master Mingtong Gu's on-going meditations and transmissions. You will receive practice tips, quotes, and other messages through email or your online-classroom.

The Chi Center's Entire Library of eBooks and Digital Publications - Accessible 24/7

Our library of ebooks and other digital resources include:

  • Awaken Vitality
  • Sound Healing Technologies
  • More Energy More Life — The Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down Method
  • Empowered Healing
  • The Blue Book: Wisdom Healing (Zhineng) Qigong: Cultivate Wisdom and Energy for Health, Healing, and Happiness
  • The Healing Process
  • The Secrets of Practice
  • Ancient Chinese Healing Secrets
  • What is Qigong?
  • The Wisdom of The Body

Every Saturday:  Chi-TV — Wisdom Healing Qigong Teacher-Led Practices plus Meditations by Master Mingtong

Meditative practice and visualization every Saturday
8:30-9:20am USA Denver Mountain Time

Chi-TV was launched during March 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic — to support people around the world in releasing stress, transforming anxiety, rebuilding immunity, connecting in community, and envisioning the best outcome for all.  All Chi-TV replays can be found and shared with friends and family on

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Join Now For The Best Savings
(Total Annual Value $4220 plus FREE bonuses of $1330 = $5550)
Special Pricing:  $1170 per year or $117 per month
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Bonuses For Joining Now
Interviews With 6 Key Leaders 

A 6-Video Set: Interviews With:

  • Bruce Lipton - Epigenetics and the Power of the Subconscious Mind for Healing
  • Grandmother Flordemayo - Spiritual Healing in Times of Crisis
  • Marci Shimoff - How to be Happier and More Fulfilled
  • Tara Brach -  Responding to the Global Pandemic with Compassion and Wisdom
  • Master Mingtong Gu - Qigong Wisdom and Meditation for Overcoming Fear and Anxiety
  • Joan Borysenko - Scientific Power of the Mind to Heal Chronic Disease Value $290
Empower Your Immune System
An 8-Video Set: The Best Of 2020 Teachings and Practices about the Immune System:
  • How the immune system functions from a Qigong energetic perspective
  • The main causes of immunity dysfunction
  • How your emotional health and wellbeing impact your organ systems
  • How to use sounds and movements, sound, breathing, and meditation to renew and empower the organ systems that support your whole-body immune system
  • How to effectively release the stress from your day as well as accumulated stress from your past Value $440
Favorite Healing Session Recordings
Clear Trauma and Karma from Multiple Generations
A hand-picked collection of healing sessions from Master Mingtong Gu and his wife Linling Xie

• Cancers

• Autoimmune disease

• Chronic fatigue and pain

• Digestive problems

• Parkinson's Disease and other neurological conditions

• Hormone-related or reproductive issues

• Anxiety and depression - Value $470

Learn how to clear the energetics of family, inter-generational, and collective trauma so you, your loved ones, your community — and ultimately all of humanity — can find peace, connection, fulfillment, and joy.
Value $130
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Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed!

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! If you don’t absolutely love programs & events, led by Master Mingtong Gu — or don’t feel that they meet your needs — please contact our friendly Support Team within the first 30 days after the start of your program, and we’ll happily issue you a refund.  Email us at:

More Stories from Our Community...

"The Chi Center’s online program greatly exceeded my expectations. Having been to previous events, I thought it would be a reflection of the experience. But it was not a mere reflection. It was a full immersion. If you have never done a Wisdom Healing Qigong retreat or would like to do one and are not able to make the trip to New Mexico, this is an amazing option. My experience during the online workshop retreat was rich and deep, challenging and "profoundly beneficial". ...Master Mingtong, the teaching staff, support staff and chi field, bestowed a thousand blessings upon me. After a year away from participating in online courses, this online event was like coming home. Coming home to Wisdom Healing Qigong, coming home to my body (after an extremely challenging year), coming home to an amazing community of practitioners. And coming home to the wisdom that flows freely through them all.  - Pamela J, Carmel, CA

I have done years of meditation and healing and have focused on awakening, but not embodying. This is the first work I’ve done that has touched my rheumatoid arthritis. I’ve reduced pain, increased movement and now know that I will be able to completely heal and reverse previous joint damage.” ~ Robin B-W

In Melbourne we were in strict lockdown for several months and, by connecting with Master Mingtong every day for the inner smile, organizing the chi field, sound healing and awakening vitality, and all the additional teachings and meditations, I realized I had more "contact" with him than with any of my family or friends during that time. What could have been a very lonely and scary time became an extraordinary gift. I’ve heard many others say WHQ is what they been searching for all their lives, and it’s certainly true for me. I feel very, very fortunate." - Posy Gaby, Melbourne, Australia

"Since I started the Wisdom Healing Qigong online courses and retreats with Master Mingtong Gu, I feel like I have woken up from a long, deep sleep, and my life has now focus, meaning, and vision once again."
— With love from Emma in Wales

"I’ve had chronic Lyme disease for a long time, and it has caused me severe fatigue, lack of energy, low immunity, pain, weak muscles, panic attacks, confusion, and low cognition. [Wisdom Healing Qigong] has allowed me the peace to actually be able to use my mind better, make better decisions, break energy drain patterns, and habits that helped keep me ill." ~ Megan G

"I am allowing fear to move through me throughout my day, and it moves through me rapidly, leaving me feeling grounded, calm, and increasing my capacity for empathy, compassion, and loving kindness. I am welcoming the 'upgrading my operating systems' as outdated beliefs are coming into my conscious awareness to be transformed into more empowering beliefs and patterns. Haola!"
—Cate S

“I feel like I was always looking through binoculars backwards… It's almost like I used to walk around with this body, but I didn't understand, I didn't feel my skeleton, I didn't feel the Light. I didn't. I couldn't. We weren't connected… [Wisdom Healing Qigong] changed my brain. It's changed my heart. It's brought them together. And I am so grateful.”
— Mary C

More Stories of Healing Through Wisdom Healing Qigong

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